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Tenant Safety Advice for the Summer: How to Maintain Home Security

Pool parties, family vacations, and refreshing drinks in the sun all take place during the summer. But sadly, it’s also the time of year for property crime. In the past 17 years, the summer has witnessed a nearly universal increase in property victimisation offences, according to a special report from the Department of Justice. Returning home to discover that your house has been burglarized is the fastest way to ruin a summer vacation. Here are a few summertime safety suggestions to keep your house safe.

Lock Your Doors and Windows

Many Portlanders leave their doors and windows open in the mornings and nights to take advantage of the cool breeze as the temperature rises. If a burglar can enter your property with ease, it is difficult to keep it secure. An opportunistic housebreaker may strike it rich if you fail to lock your doors and windows before leaving the house.

The answer is straightforward: always make sure your home is totally locked before leaving. Even if you only have 20 minutes to dash to the store, that can be all it takes for someone to walk in and take your belongings.

To be informed if someone is attempting to open your window, contact or tilt sensors are a smart investment for folks who have window air conditioners.

Be Mindful of Every Entry Point

In the same manner that you should secure your doors and windows, you should also check to see if there are any other potential entry points for burglars. Keeping a garage door opener in your car can make you particularly vulnerable. If your garage is connected to your home, a burglar could enter your car to gain entry to the garage and then enter the rest of your house without setting off any alarms. As a result, you should consider all possible entrance points to your home and make sure they are all tightly shut.

Tuck Your Valuables Away

Leaving valuables in plain view through the windows may make you more vulnerable to burglary. Before they even try the door handle, burglars are much more likely to target a home where they can quickly spot anything valuable. When looking for a property to rob, a potential burglar doesn’t want to snoop around looking for valuables; they just want to break in, get what they want, and run. To prevent this, always store your gadgets, jewellery, and other valuables away from the windows, and take extra care to do so before leaving the house. And to assist cover the chance of theft, you should think about purchasing renter’s insurance.

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